3rd Blue Palawan open sliders, 5th overall Blue Palawan open, Guinness World record “Largest Kitesurf down winder”, Red Bull King of the Air 21st


16th RedBull King of the air, 8th Triple S overall, 1st Canadian Nationals


17th RedBull king of the air, 5th Triple S freestyle, 1st Squamish Wind Festival Big air, 1st 2014 Canadian Nationals, 2nd Place Kite Clash Freestyle, 2nd place Kite Clash Best trick, 2014 AWSI Kiteboarder of the year award


Redbull King of the air wildcard winner, 2nd place kiteclash big air, 1st place kiteclash best trick, 1st place kiteclash obstacles, 1st place 2013 Canadian national freestyle. 


1st KTA Vietnam men’s freestyle, 2nd KTA Vietnam men’s old school, 7th Redbull Ragnarok, 1st Rem’s Inviational, Triple S invite, 5th Rosham throw down, 5th Sliders party France, 2nd Big Air Rendez-vous, 2nd Race Rendez-Vous, 2nd WWA mens open Wake France, 2nd Ontario wake provincials


3rd Superfly Open freestyle, Triple S invitation, Rosham throw down invitation, 2nd Ontario Sup, Invitation to “wind or no wind”


Triple S invitation, 1st place superfly open rails, 3rd place superfly open freestyle. 1st place superfly open big air (49.6 feet) 2nd Islamorada Invitational Freestyle, 2nd Islamorada Invitational Rails, 2nd Islamorada Invitational Race.


1st 2009 Jupiter kiteboarding Invasion, 1st 2009 Kitty Hawk Kites Kite U.S Coarse race, 2009 Triple S wild card


1st 2008 Paracuru, Brazil Race, 1st 2008 Canadian National coarse racing, 9th 2008 Gorge Games coarse racing, 7th 2008 Gorge Games freestyle, 5th 2008 Wind and Water U.S open coarse racing.


1st 2007 overall windfest, 1st 2007 windfest coarse racing, 1st 2007 windfest boarderX, 2nd 2007 windfest freestyle, 1st 2007 Ontario snowkiteboard rodeo.


1st 2006 Canadian national freestyle, 1st 2006 Canadian national best trick, 7th 2006world cup Canada stop coarse racing, 3rd king of the great lakes freestyle. 1st 2006 Ontario kitesnowboard rodeo.


3rd 2005 Red Bull (king of the air) Michigan qualifier.


1st junior 2004 U.S open Velocity games.